Dave's Gourmet Adjustable Heat Sauce

 - Apr 6, 2008
References: davesgourmet.peachhost
Dave's Gourmet has created the world's first adjustable hot sauce spray.

Dave's, already famous for their Insanity Sauce, may have the answer to my spicy dilemma, by way of the Adjustable Heat Sauce.

The Adjustable Heat Sauce is a pretty clever kind of spice dispenser, you twist the nozzle at the top to the required strength that your palate can withstand, then when you spray the sauce onto your food the right mixture of 'hot' and 'not so hot' sauce are dispensed.

The sauce is sold in a special 7.1 oz container that allows you to vary the spiciness of the sauce by turning the cap. The pump spray cap mixes the sauce from the two compartments of the bottle in different proportions. You can have a sauce that is barely spicy to one that is very zesty. The delicious sauce has met with overwhelmingly positive reviews.
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