The Glugg Thirst Extinguisher Water Bottle Rescues You from Spicy Snacks

 - Apr 8, 2011
References: nottheusual & 7gadgets
Consistent dehydration is not good for health, and an item like the Glugg Thirst Extinguisher water bottle exists to point out the necessity of regular liquid intake. Equating a dry mouth with an uncontrolled fire, these clever canteens take on the appearance of something else.

The red and silver drinking vessels are modeled on the appearance of compact home fire extinguishers, and succeed as such without any real deviation from the mainstream form of such metal flasks. They truly take on the iconic look, thanks to the respectively white and black labeling in bold sans serif font. Images of a fire hydrant and the conventional symbolism of such potent products gives each Glugg Thirst Extinguisher water bottle an urgent novel appeal.