The Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes are the Perfect Game Time Snack

These Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes may raise more than a few eyebrows, but I’m willing to wager these curious cakes are out-of-this world delicious. They were, after all, crafted by creator of cupcake chic, the adventurous blogger Stefani from Cupcake Project. Move over bacon, because there’s a new savory topper in town.

Stefani whipped up these spicy and sweet Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes in anticipation of the upcoming Super Bowl. These bizarre confections consist of cornbread cupcakes spiked with blue cheese and Franks hot sauce accented with a lush swirl of blue cheese buttercream, and finally topped with a buffalo chicken drumette. The perfect snack to have seat side to help fortify your football fan in moments of celebration or offer sweet solace in the event of a crushing defeat.

Strange, exciting and curiously appealing, these Buffalo Chicken Cupcakes are the perfect big snack for the big game.