From Waffle-Infused Chicken Wings to Edible 3D Drumsticks

 - May 26, 2014
When you think chicken dishes, one or more of the following may come to mind -- fried chicken, chicken wings, rotisserie chicken, chicken breasts, chicken curry and so on. But if you're a true chicken connoisseur, you'll want to get your hands on -- and sink your teeth into -- some of the more peculiar and unique chicken dishes out there.

Chicken's delicious taste and versatility means it can be incorporated into a variety of dishes in surprising and unexpected ways. Some of these dishes consist of enhanced and exaggerated versions of 'normal' chicken dishes, while others take chicken into new realms such as dessert and even cocktails.

Some of the most peculiar chicken dishes are those that take regular chicken dishes and add seemingly incompatible ingredients and elements to them.