McDonald's Japan Has a New Limited Line of World Cup Food

Although there are still a few more weeks to go until the FIFA 2014 World Cup begins in Brazil, McDonald's Japan will be kicking off the celebrations early with some World Cup food. Although there's a lot of focus on Brazil right now, the soccer games involve multiple countries with fans all over the world. In honor of this, the 14 new World Cup-themed menu items take cues from flavors of different nations.

Food items include: Brazilian Barbeque Beef Burgers, German Pork Schnitzel Burgers, Spanish Omelet Muffins, Japanese Mincemeat Burgers and French Chicken Cordon Bleu Burgers. Drinks and desserts on the menu also draw in flavors from a few more countries, saluting Holland, the Netherlands and Belgium.

This soccer-inspired menu will start rolling out on May 27th, ahead of the games in June.