- May 26, 2015
Rather than cheap motels and overcrowded hostels, these affordable vacation accommodations add a new level of sophistication to budget travel. With more and more consumers looking for alternative accommodations, there has been a dramatic increase in the quality and standards of affordable niche lodging.

Traditionally, cheap travel accommodations have referred to no-frills backpacker hostels that provide little in the way of comfort. However, many hostels have found ways to dramatically upgrade their lodging through quirky themes such as dramatic nightmare-inspired rooms and sport-themed abodes. Hotels have begun to cater to the budget-conscious crowd as well, with promotional deals and more affordable room options such as boutique-inspired chains.

Of course, for the truly cash-strapped, there are more minimalist options that accommodate travelers looking for a place to sleep and nothing more. The rise of sleep-only and pod hotels have become a new way for travelers to reduce their accommodation budget to the bare minimum.

With more affordable vacation accommodations to chose from than ever before, travelers can now stretch their travel budget just a little bit further without sacrificing comfort or style.

From Seafaring Backpacker Abodes to Vibrant Upscale Hostels: