The RESMO System Facilitates Cheap and Easy Airport Camping

 - Dec 7, 2013
Many factors keep plenty of travelers from booking a night in an airport hotel, even when it's the most sensible move. The RESMO has been developed for shorter stop-overs, tourists on shoestring budgets and those who find themselves stranded at the terminal with no advanced reservation for an evening's accommodation.

Ko Chien-Hui's creation can be creased and flattened so that it can be stored compactly in great numbers. They unfold into beds, recliners and more upright chairs with sturdy supports and the option of setting up privacy hoods. Users can sit, relax and even sleep on these modular and adaptable mattresses. Perhaps the RESMO could be inexpensively rented, or provided for passengers by airlines when schedules and aircraft are experiencing major delays.