The Lotteria Chocolate Chicken Burger is the Ideal Valentine's Day Meal

 - Feb 3, 2014
References: kotaku & thatsnerdalicious
Here's hoping that American fast food chains concoct something like the Lotteria Chocolate Chicken Burger sooner rather than later. The Asian burger joint is known for making dicey, yet delicious food; it created the Ramen burger and previously slathered chocolate onto its fries. Its latest creation continues with the chocolate theme, but it ditches the potatoes in favor of grilled chicken.

In addition to the grilled chicken breast, the Lotteria Chocolate Chicken Burger also features lettuce and honey mustard. Even if you don't love chocolate, you have to admit that this is an intriguing and potentially delicious combination. While Americans may scoff at the idea of chocolate sauce on a burger, we need to remember that we gave the world the Double Down and the Famous Bowl. The Lotteria Chocolate Chicken Burger will sell for 390 yen ($3.77 USD) and will be available to purchase starting February 6th until the end of the month.