From Alternative Cauliflower Sandwiches to Vegan Berry Burgers

 - Jun 4, 2015
Meat substitutes provide the chance to make meal time more inclusive. While some dishes are appropriate for barbecue season, others require an indoor dinner setting.

As an alternative to steak, one option is to cook a colossal cauliflower to perfection. This intimation steak is worth throwing on the grill, while alternative vegetarian "meatballs" act as a nutritious accent to gluten-free spaghetti. Though fresh and tasty, meat substitutes are not always vegetable-based. Burgers with a nutty center are found to be just as delicious, while black beans and chickpeas are also included in the meat substitutes category. Protein-packed seeds, beans and legumes form great dishes such as veggie burgers and meatless mince pies.

Whether on the grill or stove, these substitutes are sure to fulfill any vegetarian cravings.