The Oh My Veggies Vegetarian Salisbury Steak Recipe is Chuck-Less

 - May 7, 2015
References: ohmyveggies & ohmyveggies
The Oh My Veggies Vegetarian Salisbury Steak recipe delivers an excellent alternative for those who enjoy the taste of meat without actually consuming it. Author Kiersten Frase developed the recipe through a careful trial and error process involving varying amounts of oats and condiments.

Contributing to the health-conscious themes present in this dish is the way in which it is cooked. Although classic Salisbury steaks are cooked in a pan with gravy, Frase baked the ingredients in the oven.

Replacing heaps of chuck in this dish are mushrooms, lentils and grains. The consistency is akin to ground beef. Despite its veggie underpinnings, the meal delivers traditional flavors through sage, tamari and Worcestershire sauce. Mashed potato and spinach pairings add further appeal to this substitute that will suit the culinary interests of health-conscious diners.