This Cloned Burger Offers a Cruelty-Free Way to Eat Meat

There are many different reasons as to why people don't eat meat, and with these cloned burgers you can savour the taste of a BBQ without an animal losing its life.

This burger is created in a lab, by cloning 20,000 pieces of the tissue in beef muscle. This allows this burger to be completely made out of meat, all the while being cruelty free. Currently, this burger is not being mass produced because the price tag to give it a try is a whopping $325,000. Dr. Mark Foust, the brains behind this operation, is holding an event on August 8, 2013, in London in order to help promote the burger, and hopefully to make it mass marketable. Vegetarians, and meat lovers, need to decide how much they want to eat this cruelty- free cloned burger, and whether they are ready to pay the steep price tag that comes along with it.