The Quorn Chick'N Nuggets Are Meatless And Soy-Free

 - Nov 19, 2014
These Chick'N Nuggets by Quorn are an excellent way for vegetarians to get their chicken nugget fix without actually eating chicken. Not only do these nuggets taste like real chicken, they actually contain high-quality meat-free protein that might be even healthier than the protein found in authentic chicken nuggets.

After all, chicken nuggets are a snack that don't really have an imitable alternative. When you crave chicken nuggets, they stay on your mind until you get some. This is why Quorn's Chick'N Nuggets are fantastic -- they let you feel like you're eating fresh chicken nuggets even though you're eating meatless product.

These imitation chicken nuggets are full of meat-free protein that is low in both fat and saturated fat. They also contain essential amino acids found in real chicken.