From Mac & Cheese Burger Buns to Cheesy Macaroni Waffles

 - Jun 8, 2015
Mac and cheese has always been a classic comfort food, but these cheesy macaroni mash-ups take the beloved pasta dish to a whole new level. Hybrid recipes are nothing new in the culinary world, but macaroni seems to be an especially popular pairing for creating bold and unexpected dishes.

Of all the macaroni-infused dishes, burgers seems to be the most popular choice for a monstrous meal. Of course, these dishes don't just involve adding a little mac and cheese between bun and patty. Rather, these unconventional burger creations have seen the bun swapped out entirely and replaced with the cheesy noodles themselves.

Wile macaroni buns might sounds like the strangest thing one could do with cheesy noodles, other mac and cheese dishes take to using the pasta as an unexpected source of filling. Some of these recipes include classic breakfast foods such as pancakes and waffles, stuffed with mac and cheese on the inside. And of course, there are dessert options as well, such as cheesy macaroni cakes for those who want to infuse the comfort food into every meal of the day.