This Lentil Bulgur Meatballs Recipe Makes a Tasty Turkish Dish

 - Jun 1, 2015
References: foodrepublic
A new superfood has surfaced and it is being used to refashion an age-old Turkish dish. Dubbed the "new quinoa", bulgur is what makes this meatless meatballs recipe nutritious and delicious.

Lentil Bulgur Meatballs are from a vegetarian recipe that promises various health benefits. The bulgur within the "meatballs" are made of whole grains and various types of cracked wheat. This recipe is said to have more fiber and protein than white rice, while also having a lower glycemic index and higher levels of vitamins. It is also a vegetarian dish that carries half the amount of calories found in quinoa. These meatballs are free of saturated fat and can take the place of rice in any meal.

Sourced from Southeastern Europe, this recipe is a Turkish dish that is revolutionizing meatless meatballs.