From Caramelized Granola Treats to Low-Carb Cucumber Sushi

 - Aug 6, 2015
From chocolate-covered clementines to homemade sweet potato chips, there are plenty of bite-sized snacks that find a delicate and delicious balance between healthy and unwholesome, whether you are craving a blend of sweet and salty or the infusion of a surprising flavor in a conventional dish.

Frozen bananas covered in dark chocolate and rolled in honeyed peanuts offer a protein and potassium-heavy boost of energy while effectively fulfilling cravings for an ice pop. Similarly, superfood-infused chocolate goji bars provide a wholesome alternative to a candy bar that benefits from the sweet addition of cacao.

A variety of recipes that make great use of upleveled, fresh ingredients such as a rhubarb and roasted strawberries sorbet with a touch of balsamic vinegar.

Bite-sized snacks that include indulgent ingredients fall in line with the consumer interest in splurging on calories occassionally while maintaining a certain level of freedom in terms of diet.