These Crispy Fried Bites are Made with Tapioca Instead of Bread

 - Jul 6, 2015
References: foodrepublic
Cheese fritters are a popular snack made of deep-fried breaded cheese. However, in Rio de Janiero, Brazilians are making the iconic snack a little more interesting.

Various restaurants offer cheese fritters, which are often referred to as mozzarella sticks. In Leticia Moreino Schwartz' Brazil-based restaurant 'Zuka,' Schwartz serves a Portuguese rendition of the fried snack. As mentioned before, cheese fritters are usually made of breaded and deep fried cheese, whereas this Brazilian snack replaces bread with bubbly dessert tapioca.

Though the ingredient list is rather minimal, the cook time for these cultured fritters is quite lengthy. However, upon the first bite into the tapioca crust, consumers can agree these tapioca cheese fritters are worth the wait.