This 3D KFC Drumstick Looks Edible and Delicious

 - Mar 25, 2014
References: & foodbeast
3D printers have be able to create the worlds most interesting designs and now we have the 3D KFC drumstick to prove it. We can now design anything and everything, from edible oreos to candy and even toys and gadgets. This 3D KFC drumstick is definitely very strange, but a great way to see if the printers live up to their hype and reputation. 

LifeHacker Japan visited the 3D printing firm iJet and it was able to reproduce one item of their choice. A 3D KFC drumstick is exactly what LifeHacker decided to do. Of course it was the KFC Colonel’s Original Recipe chicken. They even brought in a real piece of chicken to aid in the printing process.

Once the iJet technicians scanned the drumstick it was covered up into a digital 3D model. It printed almost identical to the original chicken drumstick. The results showed a very impressive replica. The 3D KFC drumstick even came out with a shiny glaze to duplicate the greasy exterior we all know and love.