Controvercial 'Bomb Laden' Warlord Cooking Sauce

 - Aug 18, 2008
References: gourmetmikes & uniquedaily
This hot sauce would have been controversial with just its name, 'Bomb Laden' Hot Sauce. But the designers have taken it to the next level of controversy by also including a Turban on the bottle.

The sauce is limited edition and rated at heat level five, so it will probably blow your head off.

I suppose there is a market for this kind of sauce, given that the store that sells the sauce also sells a number of other intensely branded products, including 'pure death hot sauce', 'sudden death hot sauce', and 'possible side effects'.

With this in mind it should come as not surprise as the blurb for the Bomb Laden sauce is, "If you want to get rid of the evil, this will do it. Osama, you better go into your hole cause were comin’ at ya!"