These Sauces Will Test Your Pallet's Endurance

 - May 12, 2012
For certain people the allure of spicy food cannot be denied, whether the eye-watering flavors are too delicious to resist or the need to prove that one's taste buds are the most resistant to heat, these combustible condiments will test the endurance of your pallet.

Even if all you have to cook is rice and lettuce, these sauces will take any bland recipe and turn it into a fiesta of flavors.

For those who prefer to remain under the 8000 range on the scoville scale (anything milder than Jalapenos and Tabasco sauce), the Pork-Flavored or Medieval Lizard condiments will add some spicy zest to your meal without numbing your taste buds. Just make sure you have some cooling yogurt on hand to calm you down!