The VOD-K Blends Truffle & Caramel to Create Gourmet Premium Alcohol

 - Apr 10, 2011
References: frydfoodrink & ifitshipitshere.blogspot
VOD-K, created by the Paris-based truffle shop Fryd Food & Drink, brings a new taste to vodka. Combining the luxurious truffle essence and the sweet taste of caramel, VOD-K is unique to say the least.

The difference between the caramel-and-truffle-infused drink and regular vodka is that there is a small, notable taste of its epicurean infusions with every sip. The packaging, designed by QSLD Paris, is unique with regards to shape and lid. The bottle is completely cylindrical, whereas a typical bottle would have a slim neck. The bottle is composed of crystal, which makes it heavier than other premium bottles.

The VOD-K from Fryd Food & Drink is a definite must-try for any premium alcohol enthusiast. The combination of these three luxurious tastes melds into one major flavor.