From Lavish Fast Food Packaging to Ultra Luxe Cutlery Sets

 - May 27, 2014
These luxury food innovations vary from lavish fast food packaging to luxe kitchen accessories. While extravagant cutlery sets make for a perfect wedding gift, overpriced fast food meals are becoming all the rage for the world's wealthy elite.

From $1000 pizza meals to caviar-infused burger snacks, these luxury food innovations include memorable meal experiences and couture-inspired art projects. Whether reinventing the classic fast food experience or rebranding food in a fashionable way, these bold branding examples, product designs and recipes look at food in a non-traditional way.

Marketing to a wealthy consumer is all about exclusivity and these food-related innovations do just that. While these luxuries are uncommon for those who cannot afford them, they are gaining more and more popularity amongst the world's privileged elite.