From Boozy Childhood Drinks to Chocolate Seafood Beers

 - Aug 13, 2014
Chocolate cocktails are a great way to fuse childhood nostalgia for sweet confectionaries with the tantalizing flavor of booze. These chocolate drinks take inspiration from all sorts of sweet desserts and infuse them alcohol to make them adult-friendly.

While adults tend to stop drinking as many milkshakes in their later years that doesn't mean that the chocolate fun has to stop. By adding chocolate to a wide variety of liquors, beers and drinks adults can enjoy the same decadent cocoa flavors they once enjoyed in their youth. From beverages like hazelnut chocolate cocktails infused with Nutella cream liqueur to seafood-flavored chocolate beers, there's a chocolate infused alcoholic drink out there for you to try. If you're feeling especially nostalgic you can even turn your favorite chocolate drinks, like milkshakes or hot chocolate, into booze-filled versions simply by adding liquor.