- May 4, 2015
These tea cocktail innovations range from green tea beer blends to loose leaf vodka spirits that are infused with fresh and exotic herbs. As tea rituals replace one's morning coffee routine, distillers are also recognizing the importance of this evolving fad.

Consumers' need for hybrid alcohol is increasing, leading many liquor brands to experiment with flavors that are unexpected and health-focused. In addition to Kombucha beers and alcoholic matcha drinks, these tea cocktail innovations also include beer-enhancing tea bags and whiskey infusers that focus on flavor and experience.

In addition to evolving as a morning beverage, tea is recognized for its health benefits and is a staple of a healthy lifestyle. The drink comes in many variations and is not only being used in skincare and food but also in the alcohol industry.

From Green Tea Beer Blends to Loose Leaf Vodka Spirits: