DavidsTea's Mojito Recipe Also has Margarita and Iced Tea Properties

 - Jun 16, 2015
References: blog.davidstea
While most people can put together a traditional Cuban highball, this mojito recipe goes above and beyond to include a summery tea blend. Your standard mojito cocktail consists of white rum, sugar, sparkling water, mint and lime juice, but the Raspberry Moji-Rita from the DavidsTea blog combines two classic alcoholic beverages in one.

Also a twist on a margarita, this drink is made with Raspberry Mojito tea from DavidsTea, plus tequila, triple sec and other mojito ingredients. It even comes with a sugar rim for added flair. You will need to steep it in hot water first and let it cool before beginning.

Using a caffeine-free herbal tea, the mojito recipe has notes of raspberry and pepermint that goes really well with all the lime juice, lime wedges and granulated sugar.