Hennessy x Théodor Tea Infuser Lives Up Afternoon Drink Sessions

 - Oct 11, 2011
References: bornrich & selectism
Afternoon tea can be relaxing, but for anyone who wants to liven things up, there's always the option of using the Hennessy x Théodor Tea Infuser for a bit of a kick.

Coffee and alcohol go hand-in-hand, but mixing the latter with tea can be a little tricky. So instead of figuring out what mixes well via trial-and-error, the Hennessy x Théodor Tea Infuser will likely be a better option. This is an exclusive recipe coming from the French cognac brand, so there's a small little chance that you'll find something similar on the market. This mixture of liquor and tea comes with four seasonal recipes that will bring a unique taste and surprisingly, health benefits to your life. The Hennessy x Théodor Tea Infuser is packaged in a beautiful glass bottle and it comes with an infuser and brewer.