- Jul 5, 2013
Dinner patrons who don't mind overspending on extravagant menu items will certainly be attracted to these luxurious alcoholic beverages, which are some examples of the most posh and expensive drinks around.

Having a glass of wine with dinner or a bottle of champagne for a celebration is something most people wouldn't even think twice about, these luxurious alcoholic beverages however, feature some steep price tags that the average dinner patron will most likely be shocked by. From $11,000 champagne bottles to $40,000 gem-adorned cocktail creations, these luxurious alcoholic beverages will certainly cater to those who enjoy top-of-the-line beverages at a hefty price tag.

While these extravagantly posh alcoholic beverages may not be accessible to the average restaurant goer, there's no denying that these over-the-top drinks would certainly add a luxurious and expensive touch to any ordinary meal.

From Gold Flake Champagne to Diamond-Filtered Alcohol: