A Dom Expensive Luxury

 - Aug 23, 2007
References: domperignon & luxist
1995 was a really good year for Dom Perignon champagne. So good that the Matsuzakaya Department Store in Japan is selling the first 5 of 100 for $11,000 each. The bottles are numbered and 'elaborately' wrapped. Do you have change for $20,000?

The company's high price is justified by its exceptional quality. Mr. Perignon's achieved his goal to make "the best wine in the world." DomPerignon.com gives a brief history, "It took visionary spirit and exceptional daring to set such an exalted ambition at the end of the 17th century. But vision and daring were second nature to Pierre Perignon. Before him, there was only what was known as the wines of Reims, of La Montagne and of La Riviere, according to their origins in the Champagne region. With amazing intuition, Dom Perignon was the first to see the fabulous promise of luxury. He took very ordinary wines and gave them body, spirit and grace. Through his efforts Champagne wine entered a new world."