Top Tipples of the Wealthy

 - Aug 29, 2008
References: luxuryinstitute & luxist
The Luxury Institute just published the results of a survey on CNBC in which 1,771 wealthy Americans (net worth of at least $4.3 million and average income of at least $351,000) were asked for their top liquor and wine picks based on quality, uniqueness and exclusivity.

The results aren’t surprising, but after five years working and managing in the upscale restaurant/bar business, they’re not specific enough for me. Here are the results of the poll, with the suggestions I’d make for a high roller.

1. Dom Pérignon

The undisputed heavyweight champion of champagne. There are others that I love, and some that I love more, but there’s not much better living in the world than sipping on a bottle of 1996 Dom.

2. Patrón

Patrón has made a killing selling its amazing trio of tequilas. But the Gran Patrón Platinum tequila is what I would have chosen, not the regular Patrón line. Gran Patrón retails for $180-200 and is worth every penny.

3. Macallan

This Scotch is absolutely awesome. But the CNBC piece uses an image of Macallan 10, when we all know a multimillionaire would drink at least the 25 and probably even owns a bottle or two of something aged far longer.

4. Far Niente wine

Any Napa vineyard that only chooses to focus on two grapes--in this case, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon--is pretty serious about wine. I’ll let this one slide.

5. Grey Goose

The luxury standard. There are other solid choices: Stoli Elit, Chopin, even Ciroc. But the Goose sells itself.

6. Bombay Sapphire

In a spirit packed with quality competition, for a millionaire, Sapphire only counts if it comes with a Baccarat crystal, sapphire and diamond bottle (gallery).

7. Grand Marnier

Grand Marnier is my go-to liqueur for everything from sipping to sauteeing and bruleeing. But if I had a blank check, I’d write one for Grand Marnier Cuvée du centenaire, which is $100 more than the traditional GrandMa.

8. 10 Cane Rum

Moët and Hennessey got it right on this one. Delicious, with a hint of sweet, it’s perfect for cocktails or just to sip solo.

9. Woodford Reserve

Amazing Kentucky bourbon, but I’d one-up my colleagues by heading straight to the distillery and ordering up my own custom batch--that’s 180 1.0 liter bottles--of Woodford Reserve, complete with personalized labels.