Sire 24 Wine Packaging Captures the Gaze of the Consumer with Force

 - Dec 5, 2012
References: d6gn & packagingoftheworld
Quite unusually, Sire 24 wine packaging does not rely so heavily on the appearance of its label in order to attract buyers. Thanks to its atypical shape, it stands out very noticeably amidst the rows and rows of nearly identical bottles on the liquor store shelf.

But d6gn Studio of Spain did not merely remodel the vessel for the sake of being different, for this cinched base houses a filter to help complete the manufacturing process of the grape-derived alcoholic beverage. This addition to the standard wine bottle shortens the production process and eliminates the need to introduce unnecessary chemicals as a means to separate sediment.

Of course, no opportunity was taken to slack on the label of Sire 24 wine packaging. It's decorated with an exquisite watercolor painting of a grape vine that gets its pigment from actual red wine.