Mezcal Manonegra Creates an Intimate and Engaging Label

 - Nov 2, 2011
References: & lovelypackage
The company Mezcal Manonegra has made a name for itself selling an ancient distilled spirit indigenous to Mexico called Mezcal. Derived from agave, this drink enjoys continued popularity in many parts of South America. The unique packaging for this product was created by the design firm Sociedad Anonima, which created moving aesthetics that illustrate the product's authenticity.

The packaging features uniquely shaped bottles that are reminiscent of glass medicine containers from a bygone era. The simple white label pops beautifully against the subdued turquoise tone of the bottle and the red and black logo makes the brand easily identifiable. The soon-to-be iconic hand print is utilized to mark Mezcal Manonegra as the real deal. As a means to solidify the authenticity of the Mezcal Manonegra beverage, Sociedad Anonima created the hand print to give the product a sense of identity stating, "the hand print on our bottle represents the hand of the master distiller, the hand of the worker and the hand of the seeker of true mezcal." Even if the slightly abstract meaning of the packaging aesthetics is lost on the consumer, the hand print makes the brand easily identifiable, which is half the marketing battle.

Sure to earn this brand a fair amount of street cred, the Mezcal Manonegra packaging is beautifully simplistic and emotionally effective.