Loaded Coronas Make a Great Time Saver's Drink for Late Joiners

 - Aug 3, 2009
References: allears.net
Loaded Coronas are designed for the person who doesn’t have the time to steadily establish a buzz. If you want to appear a casual drinker, but need to have that alcohol hit you quick, a Loaded Corona is the drink for you…

1. Find a Corona.

2. Pour a shot of Bacardi Lemon or lime-flavored tequila into the vacant space in the neck of the Corona.

3. Turn the Corona upside down and then right side up without spilling.

4. Imbibe.

Loaded Coronas are a two for one in a bottle.  Running late and need to catch up with the inebriated level of your friends? Recently separated from a loved one? Just like to get that drunkness going fast? The Loaded Corona is for you!