From Witty Alcohol Tote Bags to Lipstick Booze Concealers

 - Nov 20, 2013
If you're looking for something a little bit quirky to help carry your booze with you while out and about, then these humorous flasks will definitely make consuming alcohol much more exciting.

Constantly having to purchase alcoholic beverages while out with your friends can be quite expensive, which is why some people opt for bringing their own booze with them in a convenient flask. And while most flask designs feature simple stainless steel exteriors, these humorous examples are offering alcohol drinkers a much more comical way to carry their booze around. Featuring such designs as oversized bottles, lipstick containers and even those that resemble superheroes and Sci-Fi characters, these humorous flasks will surely make you chuckle each time you take a sip.

From retro walkman flasks to booze bag underwear, these humorous designs will certainly make the process of bringing alcohol a lot more fun.