This Whiskey Flask Will Certainly Not Go Down Without a Fight

 - Mar 3, 2013
References: luxurylaunches
For those who have a serious concern that someone is out to get their whiskey flasks, Macallan, the makers of the $460,000 worth Lalique Cire Perdue whiskey, has teamed up with Oakley to create the ultimate indestructible flask.

As you can see from the commercial they have created, the flask can be driven over by a truck or dropped from a helicopter and will still be as good as new.

I suppose if you're actually going on a warfare mission or getting into really rough conditions, this flask made from food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum would be good to have.

If you are not though, simply being Arnold Schwarzenegger would make having this flask understandable. This incredible hulk of a flask awaits its connoisseurs.