The Sasquatch 128oz Flask was Made for Heavy Drinkers

 - Nov 5, 2011
References: homewetbar & foodbeast
The Sasquatch 128oz Flask is for serious drinkers only. This flask should never be consumed in the span of just one night.

The Sasquatch 128oz Flask is a mammoth of a vessel that holds 128oz (or a gallon) of any alcohol, whether it be whiskey or vodka. This is dangerously close to two rounds of Edward Fortyhands, which is a pretty strong indicator that you should be sharing this concoction with others.

For those who are planning to get the Sasquatch 128oz Flask, always remember to drink responsibly, because blackouts and hospitals are never a good thing. This flask is guaranteed to give any drinker a serious hangover, especially if they get more than halfway to the bottom of this enormous container.