The Shampbooze Bottle by Smuggle Mug Allows You To Bring Liquor Aboard

 - Sep 3, 2012
References: amazon & incrediblethings
In order to maximize liquor profits, cruise ships prohibit any outside alcohol on their ships; although, with the Shampbooze Bottle by Smuggle Mug you can disguise your booze and avoid the outlandish prices. With this shampoo and conditioner-disguised set you will be one step ahead of other travelers with considerably more money in your pocket.

Available as a set of two 16 ounce flasks, the Shampbooze Bottle by Smuggle Mug allows your to transport your own alcohol and avoid the inflated prices that cruise companies charge. Adding to their incredible sneakiness, the company has blurred the bottle labels pictured to protect those current using them. In order to guarantee these flasks remain covert and out of the spotlight, the bottleā€™s design is updated every few months.

Proactively prepare for your next cruise vacation by packing up your sunglasses, sunscreen and most importantly your shampoo-disguised flask. This flask will ensure that your booze will make it to your destination without being intercepted.