This Flask Tie Lets Wearers Conceal Their Booze and Look Good Doing It

 - Apr 1, 2013
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This Flask Tie is the perfectly way to sneak in some drinkable sustenance into an office environment, alcoholic or otherwise.

The design is actually quite ingenious. Hidden within the thin part of the Flask Tie is a straw that leads to a six ounce drink container. The tie otherwise looks just like any other tie when it’s not being used to quench some thirst. In what is probably a great marketing move, the makers of the Flask Tie never actually state outright on their website that the Flask Tie can be used for booze and alcohol, but it’s what we’re all thinking. The makers of the Flask Tie have also brought out a Pillow Tie that is designed for a pillow when you need it most.

Between giving employees the ability to sneak naps and sneak booze into the workplace, the manufacturers have likely set back office productivity for years to come, but at least they’ve done it in incredibly fashionable fashion.