Tea Tube Packaging Suggests the Experimental Quality of New Flavors

 - Aug 2, 2012
References: teasmile.tw & packagingoftheworld
The notion of experimentation makes many consumers uneasy, but somehow, Tea Tube packaging manages to render the practice completely appealing. No doubt this has something to do with the transparency of its branding strategy and the discernible purity of its natural ingredients.

Tea Smile has put its new infusion flavors into reusable clear containers that resemble scientific test tubes with little metal lids screwed onto the tops. The slender see-through vessels supply people with a candid view of the leafy contents, providing confirmation of the blends' apparent purity.

Despite the fact that many tea lovers are quite content to stick to their favorite loose leaf varieties, Tea Tube packaging appeals to the known market of folks who are ever in search of the next greatest mixture.