The Boca Negra Bottles are Masculine and Artistic

 - Feb 25, 2012
References: & lovelypackage
The Boca Negra beer branding by Mexico-based graphic designer Manifiesto Futura takes the well-known idea of making alcohol more masculine and executes it with elegance and subtlety. In an age where most booze branding initiatives involve half-naked women and hyper-manly spokespeople, the approach taken by this alcohol manufacturer is truly refreshing.

Masculine in a way that is not by any means alienating to women, Boca Negra packaging expresses its boyishness through art; namely, through expert typography. The bold lettering on the predominantly black bottle is done in stark white, showcasing bold contrast that is difficult to ignore. This makes the bottle all the more attractive, enticing beer lovers to find out whether the alcoholic nectar in this bottle is as strong and robust as its packaging.