- Mar 11, 2013
Because of the softness yet durability of leather, leather bracelets are practical and comfortable enough to wear on a day-to-day basis without ever getting sick of them.

With a multitude of style designs that can be applied to this supple material, there is a luxurious leather accessory to suit almost any fashion and taste. Laser-cut perforations and cutouts add texture and dimension to the bracelets and woven beads and charms add sparkle and glamour to the leather. For cuff bracelets that mold perfectly around the wrist and don't weigh the arm down, leather is both light and contours to the body.

Anyone who doesn't like too much flash, including men, enjoy the more rugged and androgynous looks of leather bracelets.

From Leather Bow Bracelets to Beaded Leather Twine Bangles: