Exquisite Galuchat Baubles from de Grisogono

 - Oct 17, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
References: degrisogono
While these jewelry pieces are already stunning pieces of art, accessory connoisseurs will salivate to learn that they are made from veridian galuchat (stingray/shark) leather.

Crafted by de Grisogono jewelers, these stingray leather jewelry pieces are sure to please the most discerning jewelry buyer. Pieces available include bracelets, necklaces and a clutch. I’m sure they would make a fabulous Christmas gift.

Implications - An obsession with animalia in fashion is pushing more designers to create pieces with animalistic elements. Fashion consumers have grown used to the traditional animal motifs, however -- leopard, zebra, snake and the like -- and thus, are looking for more unique animals, like stingrays, as the inspiration behind their apparel and accessories.