- Jan 9, 2013
Givenchy designs have always been at the forefront of luxuriously elegant fashion.

Bringing together all of its successful collections into one list, the fashion house's staying power resides in its ability to maintain its versatility and appeal to a wider audience when need be. Designer Hubert Givenchy who created the fashion house, was most classically remembered for adorning iconic actress Audrey Hepburn for several of her movies. Since then, the brand has expanded into very different genres and styles, which were influenced by fresh and new faces who were chosen to head the collections. Its most recent collections saw a much younger influence as graphic prints of dogs and paisley patterned sneakers were present, which would be most suitable for the younger crowd.

Though the price tag is not for many, those who may no be able to afford Givenchy designs can still appreciate the craftsmanship and intricate detailing that goes into each of its lines.

From Graphic Givenchy Designs to Sharp and Sleek Ensembles: