The Parabellum Hand Skived Leather Merchandise is Classy

The luxurious brand Parabellum has officially released a line of straps, iPhone cases and wallets in Bison leather.

The super soft and swanky line of accessories are handcrafted in Los Angeles. All of the merchandise comes in a range of vibrant colors from an electric blue to a dashing slate. Each piece features stunning free-range bison/mill spec ceramic or hand-cast copper.

As well, the straps and iPhone cases come with calfskin lining and are Kevlar reinforced. Each sharp accessory comes with a Parabellum marking on the closure button or with an engraved logo in the front side of the leather. A great pick is one of the brown wallets, which is a neutral piece that places more focus on craftsmanship.

The quality of Parabellum products is unmatched, as exemplified by these Bison leather accessories.