From Upcycled Notebook Docks to Repurposed Tank Chargers

 - Oct 21, 2013
Any technological enthusiast looking to incorporate a greener approach to their mobile devices is in luck, because these upcycled phone accessories are showcasing some clever ways to recycle material into handy gadgets.

While there are a wide variety of technological accessories that you can simply purchase from the store, opting for an upcycled phone accessory is a much more eco-friendly way to enjoy your tech devices. Offering crafty individuals the chance to personally customize their accessories to their taste and re-use materials they most likely already have, these upcycled phone devices will surely add a creative green touch to any collection.

Featuring such items as repurposed tank chargers, recycled skateboard cases and cardboard speakers, these upcycled phone accessories are definitely offering some crafty ways to infuse some eco techniques into your lifestyle.