From Gourmet Bug Restaurants to Sweet Arachnid Treats

 - May 6, 2012
These edible insect delicacies have revolutionized the way chefs and restaurant owners conceive of food. While eight-legged creepy crawlers may not be the most appealing meal for many, there is a growing cadre of grub enthusiasts who are in search of an eccentric taste. In response, alcohol brands and confectionery companies have released lines that incorporate crunchy cockroaches and long worms, attracting a wealth of attention from curious eaters.

Gourmet grub restaurants and sweet arachnid treats have become mainstream. The unusual display of slithering snacks is eye-catching at the least, even for those who are disturbed by the concept. Talented teams of cooks have brought revolutionary takes to this sinewy table and have somehow managed to merge regular recipes with a natural take on dining, making the spreads slightly more approachable.