Insect Cuisine to Preserve the Environment

 - Oct 24, 2008
References: citypaper
Normally I would wonder what the heck is wrong with people, but scientists are claiming that eating insects is good for us and for the environment.

Get ready for the all-bug diet--Violet Glaze (by the way, this is the best name in the world and my new burlesque name) has written an article on it and braved the taste test herself. Why would she do that? As a contestant challenge on crappy reality TV shows, I can understand, but eating then when you don't have to is wrong.

There are even blogs dedicated to the art of insect-eating such as eat bees, which has a large stomach-turning gallery.

Don’t fancy eating them? You could always make them come out of your eyes like magician Pete Firman. URGH.

Want to have a go? This is what you need: