Epic Meal Time Shows Us How to Make Fast Food Lasagna

 - Apr 27, 2011
References: epicmealtime & foodista
We've written about the culinary capers of Epic Meal Time before, and the group's latest video shows viewers how to make Fast Food Lasagna. The 71,488-calorie dish definitely isn't for dieters; it features 15 Big Macs from McDonald's, 15 Baconators from Wendy's, 15 Teen Burgers from A&W and a whole lot of bacon, cheese, onion rings, Jack Daniel's Meat Sauce and Big Mac Sauce.

All that fast food goodness isn't without its fat, of course; Foodista reports that Fast Food Lasagna has a whopping 5,463 grams of fat. (Most people should consume between 44 and 78 grams of fat a day.) If you aren't afraid of the high toll on your body this calorie-laden dish will take, watch the video to see how to make your own at home.