- Jul 17, 2013
Staying in to watch a flick at home can be a fun and low-cost way to spend an evening, and these movie night snack essentials will provide you with all the goodies you need to enjoy your favorite film.

One of the best parts about going to the theatre to watch a movie is all the scrumptious treats you can buy at the concession stand, and that's why having similar snacks at home will make the movie experience that much more enjoyable. There's just something about snacking on crunchy treats and gummy candies during a movie that makes it fun and entertaining.

From popcorn recipes filled with scrumptious red velvet cake batter to gummy candies shaped like pieces of sushi, these movie night snack essentials will definitely make catching a flick at home something to look forward to.

From Caffeinated Cinema Snacks to Gummy Fudge Squares: