These Fruity Candies are Dipped in Chili Powder for a Kick

 - Jul 4, 2013
References: barcel-usa & barcel-usa
These mango lollipops called Vero Mango are not your typical fruity candies. Rather, Mexican company Dulces Vero coated the lollipops with chili flavoring for a salty kick. This spicy, salty and sweet combination of flavors defies the norm of what convenience store candies are supposed to taste like.

These lollipops are supposed to resemble the taste of mangonadas, a mango and chili-infused summer food. Mango and chili are both popular foods in Mexico, but combining the two into candy on a stick has never been done before.

Dulces Vero is part of the Mexico’s food powerhouse, Groupo Bimbo. In order to deliver unique experiences through snacks, Dulces Vero purposely creates elaborate, attention-grabbing snacks that are inspired by traditional foods. The creative mix of flavors are intended to amuse consumers.