Halloween Candy Corn Popcorn is a Delicious Way to Get Rid of Treats

 - Nov 15, 2012
References: ericasweettooth & ericasweettooth
The Halloween candy corn popcorn is a way to get rid of festive orange treats that are lingering in your pantry.

By now you are nearing the end of your Halloween candy haul and that means what’s leftover is bits and pieces of sweets that you’ve had too much of or rather not eat alone. This popped corn uses the the remaining candy corn you have tucked away, sprinkles, white chocolate chips or candy melt and the Halloween themed Oreo cookies. All you need to do is crush up your candy and cookies and mix it in with your unseasoned popped kernels. Then drizzle melted white chocolate all over the mixture and blend it with a spatula.

You’ll learn to love all your trick or treat sweets again with this Halloween candy corn popcorn recipe.