- Feb 26, 2015
These St. Patty's Day recipes range from Irish gold cocktails to lager meat pies that are infused with a hint of Ireland's famed Guinness brew. With the booze-filled holiday just weeks away, many are celebrating Spring's arrival despite of what the cold weather may have in store.

These tasty St. Patty's Day recipes include sweet and savory snacks along with artisan cocktails that are a great indulgence when celebrating with friends. From beer-infused cupcakes to cake pop bites that are adorned with sprinkles, this list's desserts will satisfy one's sweet tooth while fitting a very green St. Patty's Day party theme.

On the other hand, the list's cocktail ideas range from refreshing mixed drinks to rich whiskey coffees that will ensure you will have stamina when celebrating until the late hours of the night.

From Lager Meat Pies to Irish Gold Cocktails: